"What the Frock is that"

Not sure what the feedback will be like for these types of posts but do you get that feeling that sometimes you just want to say "what the frock is that" - if so then let me introduce my WTF tag (please note that this has nothing to do the typical meaning of WTF, I just thought it would be a good to use those three letters in an alternate meaning).

I guess what made me want to write this post was some of the fashion that I see around uni, I won't name names nor shall I shame those who I find guilty of killing my eyes. In between my 9a.m starts and late night finishes, I can't help but say that I agree that dressing comfortably should be your number 1 priority at uni because after all you are technically there to land a degree and a job thereafter, but there are those who like to dress nicely however even the word 'nicely' can be construed altogether when you are met with the horrid sight of these shoes (as per below):

First of all, who ever started this following of people who deem it as fashionable to where PVC sandals at the ripe old age of 18-25. No no no, these belong strictly on the feet of tiny tots where it is actually socially appropriate. The clear PVC, quite frankly makes me shiver to see other's feet because they are exposed in the sense that there is no detail around to disguise what more often than not, are ugly feet (sorry for being blunt). Another thing that irks me is the socks that are usually worn. 

Moving onto the PVC bag, which is a love-hate of mine. For editorial pictures and such, I think these bags are pretty nice provided that what is inside is neat and simple. But honestly, on a practical note, when you see people toting these around they are mostly cluttered and I don't really want to know what is inside your handbag because it look like a mess. That said, for clutches with minimal and yes very minimal items like lipstick, phone and some accessories, then that can be very chic but translating that into an everyday sense doesn't seem likely in my books.

For everything that one hates, there is always and exception and for me and perhaps many others that would be Chanel's perfume bottle bag; a rendition of their famed no.5 perfume. Unfortunately, for the average person we can only covet such a bag because they cost $9 500 (assuming US). But one can always dream and go on the internet to sigh and watch from afar as you see socialites and celebs bags like this.
Image from Chanel

Image out of Vogue

For those who cannot afford such a bag but do want something similar then there are these iPhone cases going around. I actually own the black case though when I asked my dad to buy from China, I specifically asked for the clear version. Evidentially, either he did not listen to me or it sold out, I believe the sold out scenario to be true. For those interested in buying one of their own you can get it on Etsy or Ebay for approx $30 US by simply typing in 'perfume bottle phone case', and for me personally, I would say that only those with an iPhone should consider getting this case because, not to discriminate against non-iphone users but it looks aesthetic better because an iPhone is more slender as opposed to your Galaxy S phones or Notes.

If you think forking out $30 on an iPhone case is outrageous (which I do) then I bought mine off Taobao which is one of my favourite online shopping platforms because I like to mix high end with low end and Taobao provides me with super cheap goodies. So on Taobao you can this case for approx 24 RMB (it varies) which is around $3-4 US however if you do not live in China then shipping is going to be your worst nightmare- don't even consider couriers because they will scam you of your hard earned monies. The best alternative is if you know someone who is going to China or someone who lives in China and is visiting because then you can ask them for a favour.
Links to buy are: herehere  (Taobao sites) or here and here for Etsy and Ebay respectively.

Let me know if you enjoyed my opinionated half-rant about PVC items, of course you are welcome to have your own opinion so yeah let me know of your thoughts and if want more WTFs.


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