The Night for Online Shopping

The night is nigh and perhaps may be very very long

VOSN is here or take it as Vogue Online Shopping Night has come again. It is the night where there is one thing on the mind of many eponymous Australian retailers and labels and that is SALE SALE SALE. If there is one thing that excites a seasoned online fashion buyer, that is the chance to have it all at your fingertips, for me personally I love the range that you have access to, the convenience of not leaving your house and being able to browse through several stores at the same time. Of course, the tradeoff is that you loose the opportunity to try before you buy and quite often, shipping costs can hurt especially if you're getting something in from overseas.

Some of my notable picks or which site you should go to based on my personal preference are:

fsnhbnkr pronounced fashion bunker, they quite often do great deals on Cameo, Finders Keepers and Keepsake as well as other Australian labels. I am particularly impressed with Cameo's collection at the moment and they have just restocked some of this season's sold out items so be sure to browse their site.
She's Electric- loving the pastels and the graffiti since I'm also loving words at the moment

The Iconic- also offering 25% off all full priced items.

NOTE: none of these photos belong to me they are all taken from and credits belong with the respective companies


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