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I have long heard of this place opening up at Burwood but since I've taken a bit of a break from my weekend job at Burwood, I've found it hard to come up with an excuse to come to Burwood because otherwise it would be a bit out of the way given all the uni work that I have to conquer. Fortunately during Easter, I had a reason to come to this suburb again and the food scene is looking as healthy as ever (click here for my review of The Choc Pot). If I were to be frank, I came because I thought their signature plant milk tea was super cool and I wanted to try it but now that I've tried it, I want to try their other drinks. I'm a bit of a drink junkie especially back in high school where I used to buy lots of Easyway and Chatime, Gloria Jeans, etc. but since then I've cut back on drinks to a bare minimum because the price all adds up. But as my loyal readers of my food adventures would know, I'm not one to shy away from a good drink and after abstaining from milk teas for so long I'm ready to put Tea + on my exception list for milk teas. I really liked their old school menu, I absolutely love scrapbooking, it has this homely feel and kind of adds this feeling of ease because it is such a casual setting (in a good way of course).

Guys you should note that there is minimal seating available, they do do reservations or a wait list so be prepared to wait a little bit because I swear all Asians in town know of this place so whilst it may be situated just off from the main road, it is not that obscure.
Cutest tissue box to date

Signature drink!!!!
Original Plant Milk Tea $5.80
I love the little addition of mint in the middle, and yes while it doesn't really add anything taste wise, it certainly does lift the presentation of this drink. However it just got me thinking as to how many bunches of mint they buy just so they can pick the very middle leaves to put that into their drink (yeah I'm weird like that).

Onto the taste... the top 'dirt' layer is actual crumbed oreo biscuits (creative I know), at first I thought it would be really weird, you know eating it together with the milk tea but it wasn't that bad. There are cutlery on the side so you can just have those oreo crumbs on their own if you want. My advice try not to eat the oreo together with the special seasalt creamer foam, or at least it tasted strange to me. They keep their scrapbook style menus on the side and there is a page dedicated to Do's and Don'ts on how to drink this, so be brave and just slurp it up because you'll appreciate it more that way. All-in-all, well worth the trip and a must try drink.
Yeah the mug is huge and finishing it is a challenge in itself.

Taiwanese Style Egg Pancake- Mushroom and Cheese $6.50
Originally I only wanted the drink but then how could I pass up on an opportunity to try food that I rarely get to eat. So being Chinese, there are of course not many dishes that I have yet to try so when I saw the egg pancake I became curious and obvious that's what led me to buying it because it isn't an omelette (that's too boring) but rather a pancake. Yes it was eggy, as it should be, but as you can tell it was more so at the ends, other than that it did retain the egg taste but I was surprised that it was quite subtle. The cheese combo didn't taste that bad, I was thinking that I may regret choosing that but I thought it was alright but for me the highlight would be my admiration for the cook's talents. How he/she managed to get the texture of Asian pancakes/rotti baffles me and I am super keen to know how so I can attempt it at home.

On a final note, so even though I literally just went to this place (I fast-tracked this post), I am dying to go back so who wants to come with? I really cannot describe my love affair with food, even my friends are using it against me so we can go eat out during our uni-breaks at the expense of studying on campus.

(Btw located in Burwood not Concord, just off corner where Bank of Sydney is)
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