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UPDATE 3: Opening is now rescheduled to 5PM (I'm not the one changing these details so don't blame me for this)


Taken from Messina's website

"When the red ribbon rips at 12pm on the 6th of June, Messina will set the scene for the start of their beautiful relationship with the west by dropping in a rather unique gelato special - ‘East meet West’.  Starting with a base of house strained labneh and pistachio gelato, and finished with the sweet touch of fig and date jam. The flavour is an ode to both the multicultural cross section that is Parramatta and our way of saying ‘Hi’ to our friends out West - from East with love. "

Thank you Messina for opening this Friday because were it any other day, I would really have to think hard about whether I should be going out or at home studying like a mad woman for my final uni exams for the semester. I love the fact that I always have Fridays off uni because that means I actually have the option to go out. For those curious, I will be here for the opening, as in THE OPENING so if you see me about say hi, I would love to meet my readers!

Here are some photos taken yesterday when I was at work, and since they started and finished the signage yesterday, I was so surprised today to hear that they would be opening so soon.


 Hi Guys, this isn't really a food review more like a update for those who live near Parramatta or frequent Parramatta. After continuously walking past a newspaper embellished Wowcow that shut down recently, I've always been curious as to whom that corner position would be vacated for and I am happy to announce that Gelato Messina is moving in. For those who need a job well just click on the photo below for details as they are looking to hire and for the rest of us, let's be patient as we herald in the addition of a big player to Parramatta's food scene. I myself am really excited particularly because Parramatta doesn't really have a gelato store like yes there is Cold Rock, New Zealand natural, etc. but really ice-cream pales in comparison to the flavours that you can get into gelato. Another plus is that I can actually buy a Messina cake without fearing that it would melt during the trip home from the city, of course if you want the monoporzione (click here) you can only buy them in their Creative Department store in Darlinghurst. Click here for my review of one of their monoporzione and here for my first cake from Messina- the famed black forrest cake that was featured on MasterChef and yes I do think I was ahead of the times because that post was written back in 2012 which was before Messina's widespread fame began.

Now that I'm revisiting my old posts, it is quite amazing and slightly embarrassing seeing how I use to post. And to old and new readers thank you for your continuous support, I started this blog as really a hobby and it still is but hopefully I can share my thoughts and experiences with more and more people. You guys will always still be the first to see anything, I always prioritise putting photos up on the blog over any other form of social media but I am thinking of starting up a Facebook page soon so please show your support by liking, I would really appreciate that and don't forget to follow my instagram http://instagram.com/thegourmetcouture.

I saw this massive sign and I couldn't help but share it with you guys. Free Pork Roll at Benjamin's Bakery which is limited to one per person and only on a certain day. When I do find out what day it is I will be sure to let you guys know but if you're around town, walk by to see if this poster has been updated. 

Address: 331 Church St Parramatta, New South Wales 2150 


  1. i saw gelato messinas sign yesterday and i freaked the hell out! i am super excited!

  2. Yes!! This is really good for Parramatta because hopefully more people will think of this suburb as being home to not just Circa

  3. This is a great post. Without it, I don't think I could have passed my CORP2 exam.

  4. The free pork was was false advertising. It was buy 1 get 1 free. Very disappointed and I'm pretty sure its against consumer law.

    1. Sorry that was the case Anon, I always walk past it when I go to work but since I don't work on Mondays I couldn't confirm that for myself. If you went to the trouble of going just to Parramatta for this, then apologies. I'll make sure that next time, if it isn't a well known place, I'll do some asking before putting it up on the blog. Thank you for letting me know though, I really appreciate the feedback.



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