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Join the Coconut Train- Choo Choo

Say no to packaged 'Coconut water' and say I choo choo choo-se you to Coconut juice out of what else but for a coconut. I'm not sure if this is a blessing or not but I kind of spammed my friends on snapchat with so many coconut related photos (poor them).

The journey all started in Country Growers Parramatta when they were having a 3 for $3 coconut sale  . Mind you, prices like this only exist in countries like Thailand were it not for the fact that they were about to best before. And with one sip the love affair began. Unfortunately coconuts and I soon had a bit of a tiff as I couldn't reconcile myself with their price tag. 

The price hasn't changed, I was the one that had to sadly compromise in this relationship. Note: If you're seriously after a coconut, then you're guaranteed to find them in every Top Juice. The downside is that they are expensive, $5.50 but they are bigger than the ones you'll find in the supermarkets. But because I'm too cheap for that, I don't have photographic proof for you guys.

Bitter's Coconut Guide:

Country Growers Parramatta $3

A bit on the small side but they are always in stock and they can pierce the coconut for you. Straw is also included. That said, if you love coconut meat like I do then that will be a problem for you because they don't slice the coconut up.

Beautiful coconut meat, one of my favourite parts when drinking a coconut. I was a bit crazy and took this home with me so that I could hack it open. 

The health benefits of a packaged coconut juices cannot compare to a legit coconut. Photo of prices in the IGA store in Westfield Parramatta. They also have whole, young coconuts there as well for $2.50 but they won't cut it open for you.

My favourite place for coconuts is Coles in World Square

I love this place so much that I just had to write the above in a bigger font and underlined as well. There is so much to rave about when it comes to buying coconuts in World Square. First of all, how amazing is that cut, like seriously it is so beautifully defined and clean. Apparently they have a special machine/knife in this store which is why they can do it so nicely. Another plus is that they kept the glad wrap so you can carry it away without it spilling. Straws are also provided so you don't have to awkwardly plan a way to steal straws from some other store. Finally, because it is cut so well (I'm sorry but I have so much appreciation for it) you can also enjoy the meat as well. Their straws are quite durable and so they can kind of double up as spoons.

Price $3

Selfie because I have a coconut. My friend was judging me for this but you guys can understand right?

Woolworths sell coconuts for $2

Bought a few from Woolworths in Parramatta but note that not every Woolworths will stock them- only the bigger stores. Size wise they are comparable to that of Coles which is bigger than that of Country Growers. I do have a few issues with Woolworths though or at least from my two experiences at this particular store. I first bought these on a Monday because at $2 they are ridiculously cheap except then you need to factor in the fact that you don't get a straw and the cutting of the coconut is subpar as evident in the picture below (straw from a different store). I went again on Friday in hopes of buying coconuts for the whole office but I was told that they can no longer cut coconuts because of an OH&S issue (which I understand). 

Since the Woolworths coconut train halted, I switched to good ol' trustworthy Coles. Unfortunately Coles Parramatta don't give you straws either (which is why Coles World Square is the best) but you can get your coconuts cut with them but as you can see from the photo, the cut cannot match up to its World Square counterpart.


Enjoying my trustworthy Coles coconut at work. Coconut train has travelled to work now (:

Because Asian grocers also stock coconuts- Burwood Road, Burwood

Young coconuts 2 for $5, old coconuts $3.49 each
Didn't get any because my mother dragged me about before I could take them over to the checkout ):

Because the coconut train goes everywhere 

Excuse my bed hair, I kind of eat ice-cream for breakfast sometimes

Does this look scary? This is my coconut piercer that I bought off Ebay for like $3 including shipping. Did you know that this whole coconut train was spurred from this one impulsive online buy combined with my research online into health benefits of coconuts and where I could buy them online as well (don't ask- I'm weird).

Anyhow I hope this is helpful, be sure to let me know if you've encountered any issues in getting them coconuts. Also if you're in a supermarket and want the coconut cut, ask for someone who works in the fruit and vegetable section because it is pointless to go to the checkout as the people there know nothing and cannot help you at all.


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    1. Happy Apple we must catch up over coconuts (:

  2. Oh wow, Coles World Square is my local and I have not realised that they sell open coconuts!? Haha mustn't be very observant! I'm obsessed with fresh coconuts, and always get mine from Aboutlife - pretty reasonable $3 too (used to be $2)

    1. Maybe I will pay Aboutlife a visit next time I'm craving coconuts in Surry Hills. As for Coles World Square they don't sell them open, you'll have to request them to open it for you



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