On Sale: Connoisseur Ice-cream

Oops I did it again.

And that is about all I remember from Britney Spears's song a part from "Hit me baby one more time" which isn't really appropriate... correction I suck at pop culture
Anyway if thought I was just a tad bit crazy in this post with all that grocery shopping then Bitter strikes again and this time it is with Connoisseur ice-cream which are on sale this week at Woolworths at 20%. Perhaps I should add Connoisseur ambassador to my list of potential careers following this post. I really should stop using 'study food' as an excuse to buy one of everything but seeing Connoisseur on sale is the equivalent of finding a unicorn though the former has a more credible chance of occurring (just a bit). So when those flashy yellow tags (as below) popped up, I grabbed the opportunity to finally try their Gourmet selection. If I can be bothered or if there is enough interest I may end up writing so thoughts down but no guarantees on that one.

I know that I usually don't double up on photos but I couldn't help but add this one because of my mother's sneaky duck face in the background. I absolute suck at duck face (what duck face? It's practically a pout of some sort...?) and I've never taught her so I guess she's just a natural at it.


Emperor Nero (decadent coffee, chocolate coated hazelnuts and hazelnut liqueur) was all but sold out. I actually got the second last one as it was hiding in the back. I actually wished they stocked Emperor Jing Zong as well because my mum would enjoy that more so than the coffee which I kind of doubled up on by buying mocha ice-cream.

Look at those lovely yellow tags!

I also have to add that if my arithmetic skills are still in tact, Woolworths failed in their calculations as $2 from an original price of $8 is not 20% but rather 25% off.


  1. True to your word, you indeed provided an update whenever there's a sale! Great job, Shirley! And thank you :)

    Gourmet Getaways

    1. Thanks Julie! I like to think of myself as someone who does what they say so really my pleasure (:



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