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As I hinted earlier, October has been a fairly busy month for me with assessments contending with each other for priority and my newly found society responsibilities. I wish I could profess that I had exceptional time management skills, I’d like to think that they are quite commendable but with all that said, I could really only indulge in one Let’s Do Dessert event. Perhaps, this would be the trend for quite some time as I still have another 3 years of uni ahead of me. 

After indulging in so much dessert this year (note here, here and here), my waist line hasn’t fared so well so and after sporadic exercise attempts I was rather selective with what I wanted for dessert. I definitely tend to gravitate towards dessert platters, smaller portions but to compensate you get to sample much much more. I have to say that in comparison to where I went last year for Let’s do Dessert, I was preferred this one.

Even though this was originally intended to be a dessert focused post, coming straight from uni, a dessert only couldn’t quell my appetite. I initially wanted to get Wonderbao again from the Night Noodle Market (link here) but that long line discouraged me and so I took the more expensive option. 

I joined my last year’s Let’s do Dessert companions in sharing a main and a side- fortunately there was no fuss in sharing it between the three of us.

L’agneau- Harissa Braised Lamb Shank…Charred Eggplant Puree, Couscous,Yoghurt, Capsicums $38

Words probably cannot explain how delicious this was. The lamb was so tender, and with a slight flick of the wrist, the meat just separated from the bone. I wish there was more meat but then again who wouldn't, perhaps next time rather than sharing, I will opt to be a glutton instead and have this all for myself. Amongst all the other elements, which were all lovely, I definitely enjoyed the couscous the most. I'm used to those pearl sized ones or at least I have them at home but I reckon my couscous bias is for these smaller ones.

Pomme Frites $12

Rather than using the accompanying mayo, we actually cleaned up the jus from the lamb shank- it tasted so much better. I actually tried googling for the difference between pomme frites and the normal beer cut fries but Google disappointed me by providing an inconclusive answer; so if you know please let me know. The chips had a slight crunch to them with a soft center, different to the mash potato center of your typical fries. Serving wise, it wasn't all that small considering Ananas is in The Rocks which instantly means that you pay a premium.

At $20 the Let's Do Dessert deal is an absolute steal especially when it comes with a glass of Yalumba FSW8B Botrytis Viognier dessert wine

Also these shots were taken with my new lens
Les Desserts Four Play- tasting plate
Triple Chocolate Fantasy Tart, Earl Grey and Rose eclair, Coconut and Mango entremet, exploding black forest

Triple chocolate = triple delight

Apologies for slightly grainy photo. I'm a bit unsure if this is strictly a tart because rather than a shortbread/shortcrust pastry base, it was more so a wafer. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate may seem a bit overwhelming (I wouldn't blame you) so a part from chocolate, you'll find hidden inside, lemon pieces. You're probably sick of me yapping about citrus, but after several bites, I'm glad that the lemon was there.

Working my way along, I had the eclair next and HOLY MOLY, EARL GREY CREAM IS THE BEST. I don't want to pick favourites but this eclair was standout! Stellar pastry, wasn't able to taste much of the rose but that's okay because I love earl grey. I said this was a steal and I will repeat it once more, IT IS A STEAL considering their 'Trio of Eclairs' costs $19. 

If you thought the highlight was the eclair then perhaps you might need to reconsider after having the entremet. Wonderful pairing of coconut and mango, it was superbly light as they used coconut cream instead normal cream. You know the wise tale in how there is always room for dessert; well this dessert perfectly encapsulates it. If you think you're full, think otherwise because your stomach for will thank you for eating this. On side note, the mangos were rather sour, echoing my friends view that these were fresh mangos as they weren't doused in sweet syrup. I actually liked them sour because then you can eat it with the coconut cream. 

Presentation wise it was meant to look like a cherry but upon arrival my stalk kind died so just imagine a green stem sticking out in the photo above. Unfortunately I cannot offer you a photo of the 'Exploding Black Forest' because we were advise not to cut it open but instead to eat it one go. As for the sensation, think those popping balls you get at frozen yoghurt stores. As you soon as you bite into it you get a burst of sweet juice followed by the bitter aftertaste of the dark chocolate coating. 

All in all, I wait to come back. A few of my uni friends and I are thinking of organising a dinner here so I'm holding out for when there's an even better regular menu, if that is at all possible.

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