Pink Panther comes out in Spring

For some reason I can't help but play with my hair in these photos. Since I fail at smiling (no really I do), I suppose the only thing I can do with my flailing limbs is to pretend that I'm fixing my hair when really it has been immaculately straightened and then hair-sprayed but enough on that. 

Before I showed you my Spring whites and now it's time to unveil my other go to Spring look-pastels. If you think you're wearing too much pastel, chances are you can do with another pastel item. Pretty much everything in this look is pastel and I think as long as you stick to a particular colour scheme then it will all work out. I actually found this trench coat online and in the past I used to steer well away from pink but lately I'm come to grow fond of it. If you, like me, hate the cold and always feel like you need an extra layer then the trench coat is your answer, it's chic, light and provides protection against the cold. To be honest, as soon as I bought this coat, I knew that I had to wear with it other 'pink' items and perhaps I wasn't ready to let go of my pink aversion but an apricot peach works quite well doesn't it? And with that I'll leave you with:

Be bold. Be Pink. Be the Pink Panther and wear Pastel! 

Trench Coat- Lauren for Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: Mossman Clothing
Watch- Triwa
Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo Zucco Bag 
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Bianco Tomala sandals
Sunglasses: Vintage Pierre Cardin, from 1960s to be precise (this is one of my vintage items that I can actually date)

Photos taken outside Parramatta Law Courts- a spontaneous location shoot.



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