Cow & The Moon Artisan Gelato Review

Are you guys drooling already? Nothing beats the sights of swirls of gelato, hmm...

You know food is the on the top of everyone's lips when you get asked by several people to visit a Gelato store in a suburb that barely anyone has ever heard of. What is even more surprising is that those no on the food wagon are also hopping along for this stop. So when Cow and The Moon Artisan Gelato beat Gelato Messina everyone had to flock to this corner store to see what the big fuss was and of course try that flavour that so famously beat every other competitor in the world. I actually went a while back, I just have an insane backlog of posts so that is why you're only reading this now but I am guessing by now that the crowds have subdued somewhat since I last went. If you hate waiting and love your options then go when it's sure to be quiet. I chose lunch time on a Monday and because of that I got to try the Madorla Affogato and a seat as well.

Large Cup $8.50 (up to 4 flavours)
I had Madorla Affogato, Guava Sorbet, Tiramisu and Popcorn

Rule of thumb whenever you order more than one flavour of gelato, you MUST always add a sorbet to that list. You're bound to love your chosen sweet, creamy, rich gelato but after several mouthfuls you really will need something to cleanse your mouth so that you can easily switch between flavours. I rarely see guava sorbet being offered and so it was a must that I get it. I found it to be incredibly subtle with sweet but slightly undertones. Looking back it probably wasn't the best pick considering how dominant the other flavours were, one of them being popcorn. It goes without saying that popcorn ice-cream tastes like popcorn- YUM - unfortunately for me, popcorn, tiramisu and madorla affogato all look the same (don't follow mistake) and so it was a bit hard to ascertain what I was eating at times. I loved the tiramisu and affogato though you are probably wondering how I can tell the two a part and to be honest, for the most part I couldn't except for their texture and differences in coffee intensity. The affogato combines Single origin coffee with caramelised almonds and a Madagascan Vanilla base. Verdict: it really is a flavour worth remembering and bragging about, the others are commendable but I'm a bit hesitant to slap the 'World's Best' next to it.

L to R: Strawberry and Balsamic Vinegar, After-dinner Mint, Black and Blue

Oops I did it again, sorry guys camera didn't eat first. I was trying to be one of those pretentious people on instagram... Basically my friend and I are gluttons at heart and really one large cup of gelato isn't enough for two growing bellies. And in continuing with our Messina tradition, a take home tub of gelato has thereabouts become a must! To cap off our gelato eating experience we decided to grab some of their cups so we could use them to create one of those effortless Instagram pictures. The result? One. Big. Fail. I tried. Guys never ask me to serve you gelato because chances are it won't look pretty and because I'm a pretty straightforward person, I couldn't help but share this story. Again the prices are not cheap, not if I'm comparing them against Messina's prices; the 500ml tub we bought costs $13.50 (Messina is $11 from memory).

 If you know me then you'll know that I'm not the biggest fan of mint, though my friend is so we go that flavour just for her. I really enjoyed the Black and Blue sorbet which is pretty much blackberry and blueberry sorbet. The colour is just divine and as can be said about flavours, it is super light but so incredibly rich in taste. I found the vinegar to be rather subtle, maybe I was just suffering from a bit of gelato overdose and my tastebuds had a enough for the day but it tasted a bit more like a strawberry yoghurt gelato.

Anyhow that was my take on Cow and the Moon, apologies for my week long sabbatical. Uni calls agains but since I will have more time on my hands in the next few days I shall up my posting schedule. Till next time~

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  1. That's a lot of gelato for you and your friend! They must really be good. I agree, nothing beats the swirls. They are so inviting!!!

    Gourmet Getaways

    1. I have to agree gelato swirls are one of the most appetising sights in the world



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