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A night out deserves a little more attention than that day look because (hopefully) your nights out should be fewer than your day time appearances. And so we think twice about getting dressed. Dresses get scrutinised 720 degrees over and we question each and every single thought we just had. If you're a very practical person like me then those thoughts extend to the bag that you bring as well as the number of layers that you will need. Admittedly I carry a lot of stuff, I don't know why but I just seem to always a rather large bag for all of my essentials, which makes me the worst person when it comes to a night out clutch. I am also the one that wears cardigans and sweaters in the heat of summer and spring, the person that you shake your head at for being too insulated, and so for this night out I opted for a jumpsuit (I like the comfort and warmth of pants). I think that jumpsuits are going through a rebirth, it is now more and more common to see people wearing them casually or at more formal functions (a la red carpet).

I've told you to call me plum crazy and I shall ask you to do so again because black, white and plum has got to be my favourite colour combination of the moment. I would strut my stuff out each and every single night in this outfit were it not for me being concerned about how clean my clothes are. Also, if you, like me, feel a bit insecure when wearing bustiers or cleavage baring dresses/outfits then throw on a blazer for a more sophisticated and conservative look. Trust me, it does wonders and makes you look so much more polished and stylish for that matter.  

Mostly importantly have a good time.


Blazer- Bought off Ebay (sorry can't help you here)
Jumpsuit: Cameo the Label 'Run to me' in Black
Shoes: Rene Caovilla
Bag: See by Chloe Small Cherry Crossbody bag
Lipstick: Tom Ford 'Bruised Plum'


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