Pappa Rich Broadway Review

Tucked away in my backlog for a good few months, Pappa Rich was the place that I never seemed to be able to will myself to write (there are a lot of these places) but with me overseas and writing these posts all in advance before I fly off, I decided to resurface these images and my thoughts along with it.

Pappa deep fried chicken skin $6

Teh Tarik + Jelly (Milk Tea and Jelly) $4.90

Ipoh Koay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken $13.50
Flat rice noodles in Pappa Rich's freshly boiled daily chicken soup and prawn head broth. Topped with spring onions and bean sprouts and served with steamed chicken

It would be unwise to think that every Malay noodle soup is laksa. I would have preferred it if the broth is more stronger, the chicken soup didn't come through as much as I preferred though I was surprised at how sweet it was. Personally, I like my soups to be full of more strong and vibrant flavours so this one is better suited for those who prefer the delicate ones. 

Upon seeing the deep fried chicken skin crop up on every food blog imaginable, I knew that it had to be something that we ordered contrary to the 'Are you kidding' faces I received from my dining companions. In this instance, the 'Are you kidding' face was rightly used. I'm sorry if you disagree with the greater opinion (you're welcome to differ) but I really didn't like these. They were incredibly oily, the taste kind of felt stuck in your mouth and they were rather chewy and really only a few mouthfuls is more enough. Funny how I was the one who had to take the rest home (because I ordered this) only to meet another disapproving eye- this time my mother. 

Looks better than it tastes in my opinion.

Succulent and tender chicken, I thought it was a good deal- noodle soup + chicken- yeah why not!

So good, especially for those wanting to start off with the most classical Malay drink you can. The drinks are also massive and be prepared to be amazed at their drink selection, it'll take you ages before you settle on the one you want. 

ABC $7.90
I'm terrible when it comes to being a walking glossary for Malaysian food. Probably prior to writing this, I should have consulted my Malay friend who was there that night to walk me through everything again. This is pretty much a formed of shaved ice with sweet corn, red beans, raisins and peanuts on top. Definitely something to be shared and to be eaten quickly because this melts ridiculously fast. I actually really enjoyed this, it tasted more like barley sugar and definitely seemed to be healthier because of the natural sweetness to it. 

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