Emergency Supply of Chocolate please

Do you read the Sydney Morning Herald? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't and preferred a different source of news. To be honest, I still feel rather jaded by a lot of news outlets, election or no election. They cover what they want and that is the end of it.

Enough of that tangent because that is a point of discussion for a different day, today is reserved for a very important matter at hand that concerns the world, that is, the global supply of chocolate. Of course the information in the article (read here) is debatable but I, for one found it to be incredibly shocking. I guess it doesn't particularly help when I buy enough chocolate to feed a family for a year whenever I go back to China (already there when you are reading this).

I should not have to explain myself any further, I am a serial shopper with Lindt and Connoisseur being victims of my grocery runs. As per usual, all of these were bought on sale because I like a good deal. Please do not ask for prices because too many chocolates were bought for me to remember. 

The List

7 boxes of Ferrero Rocher 36 pack
5 boxes of Lindt Lindor balls 400g
1 pack of Lindt Lindor balls- special edition 600g
6 blocks of Cadbury chocolates roughly 220g 
13 bags of treat size chocolates ranging from Mars, Boost, Picnic, Timout, etc.
5 packets of beef jerky
+ small assorted chocolates

Note the above does not even include the 3 boxes of Favourites (I think the size was 600g) and about 1kg of macadamias.

Do you go crazy with gifting chocolates (or other foods) when you visit relatives overseas. Let me know because I cannot be alone in this, or at least there must be someone crazier than me. Anyhow, if you believe that article then maybe now is the perfect excuse to stock up on those chocolates you've been craving before a inflation and a price hike hits.


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