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Leather is practically my drug and both my parents can vehemently testify to that but it appears as if Hermes is taking that literally and heading straight to the bank- only for them it was unintended. So it has been an awful while since Page Six released news of a batch of Hermes leathergoods smelling like- god forbid- marijuana. Yes, I didn't get that wrong and neither did Page Six when customers of Hermes (some owning Birkins- so jealous of these people) started to complain of a foul odour coming from their designer and very, very expensive bags. They thought they were delusional because has Hermes is renown for its impeccable quality control, but sadly they were crazy and yes that pungent smell is your 5 figure designer handbag (time to break out the tissues, I know I would). 

Even in light of that, I still stand behind Hermes, it is a brand that I absolutely adore and I will take any opportunity to get my greedy hands on their goodies, if my wallet and bank account permits of course. Hermes' response to the situation was swift and appropriate, they recognised that there was a batch of leather that had issues, and promptly recalled all affected products from their owners so that they could be replaced in their HQ in Paris. Unlike many other fashion house, since their inception, the still largely family owned company has continued to keep all of their production in-house at that famed Paris address.

So for my first (lavish) Hermes purchase -all Hermes purchases break the bank- was an agenda so that I can somewhat reorganise my life. Designer agendas are expensive. End of story. Yet, surprisingly, Louis Vuitton's Epi Leather or Taiga Ardoise Agenda, on its own without the refills, costs more than Hermes. Comparing Hermes and Louis Vuitton is NOT like comparing apples and oranges. Yes, Togo leather feels very different from Epi or Taiga leather but there is a difference in where they stand on the hierarchy of leather; one of the many reasons why there is a such a big difference in their price points. I'm not sure if I really regret this purchase, don't get me wrong I love it but sometimes I wonder if I would have been better off sticking to Louis Vuitton.

One of the reasons why I was so keen to buy this is because I adore Togo leather, I've been reading it about it for zeons and I finally wanted to lay claim to it myself. The other reason is because someone else was eyeing the shade of red that I picked out and because the Sydney store has limited stock (i.e only 1) in each style. Lucky for me (?), I am a shopaholic by nature and so I didn't give that guy the chance to steal my agenda from me (muahaha). 

Orange box galore. 
Did you know that #orangeboxesmakemehappy is a legitimate hashtag on Instagram. I am not alone when I say who needs love when you can have orange boxes instead.

Couveture Chaier Ulysse PM Veau Togo Colour Red $285

Those horizontal lines you see along the spine weren't there originally but rather from the paper inserts.

When you buy the agenda, it is only sold as the leather cover, as with Louis Vuitton.The cover for Louis Vuitton is dearer but the refills are cheaper. That said, almost everyone buys independent refills and saves money that way. Hermes is a tad bit more difficult to find refills for because (see below) of its (tad bit) irregular shape and the binder it requires.That said, I think the Office Works A6 refills may work, I'm going to find out next year when I try to see if it fits so if you're curious then check back in 1/2 months times when I'll have the answer for you.

Recharge Cahier Ulysse Agenda Perpetual PM Pier $110

This is where the prices start to kill you, at $110, this may quite possibly be the most outrageous thing I've ever bought. I was shouting expletives in my head when I heard the price, the cheaper option is to just get lined paper but why would you buy an agenda if you don't fill it with a calendar. But in saying that there is a premium attached. Hence why I am so desperate to find alternative refills, if you have any suggestions then I am most definitely all ears.

I have my doubts here and there about whether this was the best one for me but I've come to accept my decision. I will say that if you expect to be rough with your agenda, then stick to Louis Vuitton because Epi/Taiga Leather is a harder leather (you're looking to pay around $460 for the cover alone, at least thats the size I wanted). But if you don't expect your agenda to be damaged in your endless bag of things with a bottomless pit (aka my school backpack) then go to the closest Hermes store near you, try it out and if you fall in love then just accept and embrace it.


  1. Pretty and certainly not cheap! Nice choice of colour!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    1. Thanks, I hope I made the right decision in one of my occasional gifts to myself



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