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It’s a shame that I rarely take on Indian, it’s such a great cuisine which unfortunately I only really get to experience when I am fortunate to visit my friends’ houses and have their parents whip up a feast. Part of the reason why I have it on so few occasions, is because I just don’t know where to go. Think of it this way, I’m Chinese so I can point you to a decent, and authentic Chinese restaurant, that knowledge eludes me when it comes to Indian and Sri Lankan. 

This posts actually marks the second time that I’ve been here, the first time it was for a work lunch, this place recommended by an Indian colleague and it is always a bonus when they know the owners. We ordered like crazy the first time around and unfortunately I have no photos from that time, I figured that since it was a work lunch, it wouldn’t be that appropriate for me to snap photos at everything before we ate despite everything there at least knowing to some degree of this blog. 

Garlic Naan $3 each
Butter Chicken- Marinated chicken fillets, smoke roasted in tandoor and cooked in a special mild sauce $15.90
Kerala Prawn- A popular South Indian dish from the coast of Kerala cooked with coconut cream flavoured with exotic spices and mustard seed. $17.90

For a casual dinner for two (mum and I) we opted for a curry for two and a naan each (each piece is then cut into two).  After having it already, I just simply couldn’t overlook their delicious and fluffy garlic naan, in fact why have normal naan, or even butter or cheese naan when the option of garlic naan exists- so worth your while. I also prefer naan with curry rather than rice because I have eat more than enough rice at home and who doesn't like eating with their hands. 

I would have to concur with my mum's opinion on how expensive curry is. For what you pay for, you basically get a few pieces of meat and loads of sauce. I admit that a lot of effort goes into making the sauce and the sauce is the tastiest and most important part but somehow I also find it hard to justify the small serving size.  All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed both curries, it's not something I have often, which is why the price, for me is a minor qualm.

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