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I think I mentioned this before in my first post but I have a tremendous sense of brand loyalty. I agree that not everything branded is pretty or can be considered value for money. Yes, there are many things are just ridiculously overpriced and I won't be ignorant about that.

So this is post is fashion brand/designer related where other designers/brands blatantly copy their competitor's design. Why is it that in school they ruthlessly drill into us all the malpractices involved in school assessments including the consequences when these ethics don't even apply in the fashion world. Here there aren't many regulations preventing someone from stealing a 'trademark'.

Some examples (and yes I found lots of examples):

 The good thing about this one is that the blogging world made this case publicised so Topshop removed the sale of the puncutaion rings.

Diane Von Furtensburg on the left (original) "Cerisier" dress with Forever 21's copy on the right- is it just me or are they a tad too similar?

Some gyaru fashion 'inspired' looks:

Moving onto one of the most famous fashion lawsuits. In 2011 Christian Louboutin tried to trademark his coveted signature red sole when Yves Saint Laurent launched his red shoes with a red sole. Now as much as I love Loubies I think it's crazy abuse of power if someone tries to trademark the colour red meaning that no other brand/designer would be allowed to use red for their soles.
Behold the shoes in question or should I say out...
More on Louboutin but this time I'm in their favour
This time the baddie actually is Jessica Simpson, left Christian Louboutin, right a shoe from Jessica Simpson's self named clothing and assessories collection. Unfortunately for some absurb reason there was no grounds to sue her for blatantly stealing someone else's design.

Now the biggest failure of them all and before I begin if you own anything with Guess on it then throw it away or else every time I see you with then beware, I just might give you glares of disgust.

It's time to name and shame!

It's because of a stupid thing like artisitic license that allows Guess to copy the signature triangular Prada label by merely replacing the word 'Prada' with 'Guess' btw Prada came first (for those who don't know).

Then there's Guess copying Coach's signature "C" design by replacing it with their “G” logo, so how is this allowed  because of a thing called creative expression.
 You know what's even worse is that they copied Gucci so as someone who spent a lot of money buying a Gucci wallet, boy was I offended when I saw someone using their Guess wallet which is a copy of Gucci's Guccisima print.
 Here's the proof:
Guess stop copying the 'G' print like you did with Coach, it's pathetic
Oh and shoes are definitely not off the agenda
All-in-all I'd think twice the next time I decide to buy something Guess branded and for those curious the person who had a Guess had the quad-G print which was banned from further production thanks to Gucci winning a lawsuit against Guess because of this infringment. I'm glad that Gucci won but they only received just over 4million which doesn't even cover the damage that Guess has done because they sold $221 million worth of Gucci-like goods.
Also (yeah there's more sorry) Guess doesn't do anything original, the Guess CEO Paul Marcian even admitted that he was "embarassed" by the shoes above. And there were also cases from Jimmy Choo, Adidas and Yves Saint Laurent so Guess only takes 'inspiration' yeah right!
 Alright sorry for the long post but it's just something that I'm really passionate about so if you managed to read through all of this then thank you!


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