Photo Journal

I wont be spamming with multiple posts (of the same thing) instead it'll be a photo journal of the past month (?) there about.
What I do when I'm bored i.e. procrastination is at extreme levels
City trip to shoe shop + business related-purposes. Went to Burberry and I'm currently in love with one of their trench coats except the price tag isn't so friendly so I shall save up for it.
Decided not to look at LV since I'm not a fan of their current collection although I did take the opportunity to take in the architecture. Same for Tiffany & Co and funfact I hate the name Tiffany and Vicky, I have nothing against those who are called those names but I just hate the name.

My dream shoe which I would love to wear for formal. These Loubies are gorgeous but again the price tag isn't.
My first Starbucks experience! Strawberry & Cream and I have to say that it's not as expensive as I first thought.
Supporting Aussie-family owned companies + study food
Macquarie excursion which was pointless.
More study food + new set of pens for the TRIALS (speaking of which... I should be writing up ModC v2)
ASOS delivery
These are what my shoes look like. For those who are curious the heel height is 14cm

Decided to have Grill'd takeaway. Only problem is that it's always messy trying to eat a burger on the go so next time I'm definitely having it there on the spot.


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