GPK- Review

Met up with my fellow Awesome Foursomers (well 2 of them at least) for lunch before and after tutoring for me. This will probably come as a surprise but this was my first experience eating out at the Plaza in Castle Towers. 

Alright so we ordered hot chocolate, Carbona and Bolognese. Price wise it was reasonable although in comparison to other restaurants, I wouldn't go back to GPK. First of all, the sizing wasn't great, I mean I'd like to think that I'm not a big eater but I do expect a healthy serving especially when the price is average. Or maybe I just have high expectations because I've been to places where the food is nice, price is reasonable and the servings are very generous.
Hot chocolate was a let down. The price was okay but I found mine too watery for my liking and it wasn't mixed well.

This picture is misleading, the bowl/plate in reality was very small

After lunch we opted for a cool treat. Butter and I shared this tub of ice-cream with some friends except we never ended up finishing it but it was a bargain at $4 for 2L (that's close to 50% off).
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