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This will be a brief post, a while back (think end of August- yeah...), I went to Chefs Gallery for a pre-concert dinner. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of Chinese restaurants targeted towards the Western palette and this proved to be no exception. Overall the meal was nice but in my opinion it was definitely not worth the price that I paid. 
 Regular handmade noodles wok fried with shredded roast duck in premium soya sauce $14.90
I've been told that their noodles are a must-order item especially when it's made in front of your eyes. Noodles were lovely my to me they were quite salty- lends itself more to a Westerner's taste buds.
 Beef Hotpot, from the dinner special $20 (?) 
When I read this out of the menu, I was skeptical as to whether it was really a hotpot or just a hotplate using my Chinese background to ground my concern and I was right. In critiquing this plate from a Chinese perspective it is fairly ordinary.
Trillium prawn dumplings steamed for 7-8 minutes and carefully garnished with 3 coloured fish roe and caviar $16.90
WOW, it really is a feast on the eyes only problem is how to eat it without appreciating the fish roe and caviar
I also bought fried rice, but let's admit it, fried rice is not the most appealing thing to photograph

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