Lobby Lounge @ Shangri-La Hotel Review

Bitter's Good Month Experience:
I would have loved to go to most if not all of the dessert options however as a uni student, time is not my best friend considering all the looming assessments and final exams to come. I did however indulge myself by visiting Lobby Lounge last Friday to try their dessert plate prepared by pastry chef, Anna Polyviou

From the left: Milk choclate delice & passionfruit curd, grue caco crunch, salted caramel, roast hazelnut & honey thyme pear strawberries 'n crรจme graffiti lollipop.

Brown Brothers' dessert wine to finish it off

How cute is this spoon? It also had a hook on it so it can sit on the cup, I secretly wished I could take it home with me. One of the reasons why I chose to Lobby Lounge over the other options was because it offers something else besides chocolate, as you would know I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate but rather your fruit based desserts so I was one happy diner when I started eating the passionfruit curd. Next was the chocolate cream, same as that used in the chocolate delice, beneath that was some chocolate crackles and finally to end it a mango jelly (I presume not sure because they may have strayed from the what was written on the website). If good chicken is said to be finger licking good then this is spoon licking goodness- that I'm not kidding.
Chocolat delice- a bit deflated but nonetheless a real pleasure to eat
The raspberry gives the tartness needed to complement the chocolate but in all seriousness it really isn't needed because the milk chocolate, the chocolate cream and the chocolate wafer at the bottom offer a rich chocolate experience without being too sweet. It was really a decadent experience, so I urge you all to come and try it for yourself before the month is over

Two photos because my lollipop was the only one with a unbroken heart
White chocolate coating with honey thyme and strawberry centre with these little pink balls- would've have taken a picture but I don't believe in taking photos of half eaten food unless you're trying to show something in particular and in my case, my bites weren't particularly photogenic. 

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  1. Love the look of those desserts, the lollypop is pretty interesting :)

  2. Thank you!! There's a better photo of the pink balls that I mentioned on the urbanspoon page for Lobby Lounge



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