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To be honest, I never have considered dining here this year at all, the plan was to go Baroque to have a 6-course degustation meal however silly me didn't book in advance and rightly so because the only option was 2 tables of 2 separated (god knows by how much) for 3 people. To be fair, I didn't know the exact number of people that I need to book for but at the end of the day unfortunately there are no excuses. So word of advice, if you're eating out in the city on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night book in advance. 

So after being 'rejected' by Baroque, the other options in The Rocks would be around the harbour, I was dining with an aunty that night who was visiting Australia for the first time so I thought a picturesque view of the harbour it is. I think next time I might go against my better judgement and opt for The Ocean Room, although there's the booking problem as well as the fact that they do Japanese and there are still a lot of Chinese continue to resent the Japanese (research their history if you're not sure why) with my dad being one of them.

Enough of that and onto the food:
I think Waterfront's best selling point is the view that it offers as well as the novelty factor- you're eating outside (only option, inside is the bar) on what from afar looks like a ship.
Bruschetta- toasted ciabatta, roma tomato, grana padano, basil and extra virgin olive oil $13
I thought this was lovely, I'm the biggest fan of the bread and olive oil combo as a entree to start off a meal out so I have no problem overlooking the carbs, although I would have loved the ciabatta to be more toasted
Seafood nibbles- flash fried baby calamari, grilled scallops with garlic butter, tiger prawns and black mussels $39
If you're going to eat at Waterfront (which I may advise against- do read on) then you must try their seafood, the calamari with the garlic butter is sensational and their scallops are also just divine. 
Chilli Beef Pizza with refried beans, capsicum, red onions with guacamole, Fior de latte, sour cream and corn chips $31

Interesting isn't it? It was from the gourmet pizza range, I think that if I'm ever to order pizza from a restaurant than it either has to be out of this world, or a new take on pizza flavours. This satisfied the latter with serving being plentiful, the only problem was that we had to wait a long time for the mains to come out. Someone correct me on this but is it normal for restaurants to wait until you've finished your entree before they start preparing your main because that's what it felt like. I admit that I'm not the fastest eater in the world, may in fact be among the slowest but that's not the topic of discussion. Story is, the waiters waited for us to finish our entrees before asking if we were ready for our mains, hello we were waiting for our mains when we were halfway through our entrees so it was only after finishing off our entrees that say 30 minutes later, the mains came out. Perhaps, it's a conflict of values between how Asians are served as opposed to Western restaurants but even so I've had mains arrive shortly after entrees in all sorts of restaurants and that's how I like it.

Char grilled South Australian Octopus- chorizo, capsicum, crisp potato and rocket with chilli dressing $22
I think I'm beginning to have a love affair with rocket in my salad
Barramundi Fillet served with saffron potato, spinach and citrus and thyme dressing $43
I love my barramundi, it's one of my favourite fish to eat, but what was served was very bland, whilst herbs add flavour to anything they cannot however rescue fish that hasn't been seasoned. And yes, that is one expensive fillet of fish. 

Attention to anyone considering to eat at Waterfront (which you shouldn't really unless you only want a good view and the other places on the Rocks are taken):
Doggy bags do not exist, so order however much you can eat because you can't take anything away
Beware the surcharge, and this is getting ridiculous, $5pp for adults on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. I'm so glad I ate on a Friday night and how good is it to be a young adult, I'm pretty sure I can still get away with that.

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