Good Food Month 2013

Hello all,

I have a massive back log of posts that I have to write and which I should tackle in order but I couldn't help myself because this is is relevant NOW. Good Food Month is pretty much an event, festival where most of the widely loved restaurants showcase fresh produce and their culinary skills and anything food related including food photography.

What's great about it is that it caters to wide range of classes, ranging from hatted restaurants like Quay offering more affordable prices to your highly frequented picks e.g. Mamak, Chat Thai, Ding Tai Fung, etc.

My pick or at least my hypothetical schedule at the moment is a visit to the Night Noodle Market at Hyde Park before going to Circular Quay/The Rocks to feast on desserts. I always say that there should be a separate stomach for desserts and I'll be hopefully demonstrating that on the coming Friday. I think I'm looking forward to the Lobby Lounge's (@ Shangri-La Hotel) "sweet sampler consists of milk chocolate delice, passionfruit curd, grue cacao crunch, salted caramel, roast hazelnut, honey thyme pear strawberries ‘n’ crème graffiti lollipop". Note, all desserts on the Good Food Month Menu come with a glass of Brown Brothers' dessert wine and whilst I love dessert wine, I'd be an option that way the $20 dessert would be cheaper. Reason why is because I have a whole bottle of dessert wine at home, and dessert wine is best enjoyed when it is typical sweeter than whatever you're eating so imagine eating a dessert and then drinking dessert wine on the side which is incredibly sweet. Also, if you're new to dessert wine, I personally like it served with ice that has been slightly melted, that way the alcohol isn't as strong nor is the wine as sweet.

Anyway, that's it for me.


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