Ampersand on Crown Cafe, Bar & Bookstore Review

Surry Hills is absolutely littered with fabulous cafes, bars, restaurants and let's not forget that the one and only Bourke St Bakery is in Surry Hills as well. Originally I wanted to go to Rustic Pearl but like so many other stores (i.e. Mak Mak) they suffer a bout of Monday-itis and so to my dismay they were god forbid, CLOSED! But that's okay because just next door is the book cafe/bar or you can refer to it by its proper name- Ampersand on Crown which is distinguished from The Book Kitchen which is also in Surry Hills. One of the best things about Ampersand, or at least I think it's great, is that it is next door to Surry Hills Library (the library is also spectacular) and that means that you can leech off their free wifi because nowadays that's a hot commodity, agreed.
Latte and Chai Latte
Because starting off with coffee is always a good idea for me and my fellow sleepy companion. I may not be the best judge for coffee but I trust myself to tell good coffee from bad and this coffee was good.
Ricotta Pancakes served with Banana & Mixed Berry Coulis 
So I guess I'm not the only one who cannot achieve those perfect flat looking pancakes with that even golden-brown colour all the way round. Pancakes were just full of buttery goodness, thankfully they weren't that fat and the grilled banana together with the berry coulis so just heavenly. Or maybe because they paired two of my favourites fruits but I'm not complaining except I would've like for some more maple syrup mainly because I'm a sauce person so you can never really have enough sauce in my books.
Morning-After Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Sausage, Mushrooms, Roasted Tomato, Spinach & Toast
It's hard to go wrong with such a classic breakfast combo so I won't say much on this but it is a good feed.

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