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Thank to all my lovely readers who have been following me splurge my hard earned monies on macarons but I have finally bought all the macarons that I wanted Sydney that is, one day I'll be snacking on them in Paris from Peirre Hermes and Maison Saint-Honore but till that day I'll just have to make do with what Sydney has to offer. Mak Mak may not be as well known as Zumbo but they are certainly on par with them if not better, I'm of the opinion that they're SO MUCH BETTER and yes they truly deserve the title of best macarons in Sydney chosen during a blind taste test.

All the way down King St towards St Peters is Mak Mak Macarons. This is what it looks like from the outside guys so take note of this because there is no sign.
Box of 12 for $34
$3.20 each
Marvel at that sight because I had no regrets pigging into that

Overall Comments:
Lovely consistent shell which thankfully was not hollow, read on about my CreAsion macaron story to find out more, with the best ganache flavours. Like Zumbo, Mak Mak also chooses to add special surprises in their centre like a whole macadamia for example
Peanut Butter & Belgian Milk Chocolate (Blue)- Peanut Butter centre encased with milk chocolate ganache
Raspberries and Cream- Creamy white chocolate ganache balanced with fresh raspberries
Personal favourite of mine, great flavour and you can really tell that it has been made using fresh raspberries
Green Tea Latte- if you've read my Tom n Toms post then you'll know that I'm a sucker for green tea lattes. First of all, how cute is the design, Mak Mak simply tops everywhere else for presentation. How they do, I'm dying to know but I guess the only way to find out is to enter their macaron class which I shall do... one day. Then the taste, OMG so so good, the matcha is really strong but that mean that it's truly worthy of calling itself a green tea latte.
Banana, Macadamia & Coffee (Seasonal Flavour)- Coffee infused shells with milk chocolate and banana ganache and a whole macadamia centre
Even though the coffee is infused, it flavour is still very much present along with the banana.
Rhubarb & Rose
Salted Caramel- Rich, luscious caramel with bursts of Maldon sea salt 
Strawberries & Cream
Smoked Vanilla & Pecan Praline- Belgian milk chocolate ganache laced with apple wood-smoked vanilla beans topped with crunchy pecan praline
Nectarine, Raspberry& Vanilla (Seasonal Flavour)- Vanilla and white chocolate ganache surrounds a unique two-tone jelly made with fresh nectarines and raspberries.
Bellini (Peach & Prosecco) another seasonal flavour- Fresh peach and Prosecco ganache
Cherry, Mango & Passionfruit (Seasonal Flavour)- A centre of black cherry jelly surrounded by mango and passionfruit ganache

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon & Dark Chocolate- Dark chocolate ganache enriched with extra virgin olive oil and a sound hit of lemon 

Rounding off the list
Bitter's personal macaron list for Sydney:
1. Mak Mak Macarons
2. Baroque Bistro/ La Renaissance
3. Adriano Zumbo
4. Laudree
5. Cre Asion

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