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A 90%+ satisfaction rating is hard to come by in urbanspoon, so when you see it you know you just have to try it out for yourself. Taking the humble pie, Pie Tin offers a range of savoury and sweet pies  with the choice of sides such as fries, side or mash. So if you're looking for a good feed, without hurting your pocket then drop by Pie Tin, it's not too far off from King Street, Newtown and when you're there look out for the 'Pie that ate Newtown', it's monstrous.

 Classic Apple crumble $7.50 and $1.00 for ice-cream
Nothing beats a good apple pie oh except for ice-cream served on a cold day because desserts are best savoured, enjoyed and appreciated in such weather. You can probably tell from the photo but the slice (which is quite big) has a lovely thick short crust pastry which I have yet to achieve myself (I get so jealous whenever I have tarts and what not because I can't replicate myself), a healthy serving of crumble with apple slices below. 
Slow roasted shredded pork with apple and BBQ sauce $7.80
In terms of pie ranking, I have to say that Pie Tin ranks amongst the top, perhaps just below Black Star Pastry's lamb shank and red wine pie. Apple in a savoury meal may be uncommon and perhaps frowned upon but let me tell you otherwise because the apple in this pie works wonders. Succulent, juicy meat with thick pastry, a bit on the crunchy side and not the buttery flaking pastry that I love but the flling more than compensates for the void left by the pastry. And if apple really turns you off like it did to one of my eating companions then fret not because they offer other delectable pies but be warned , the popular flavours sell out quickly.

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