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To be honest this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for well over 3 months now, I don't know why I have delayed it for this long but with Christmas fast approaching, this post should be helpful to a few of you. Pitt Steet Mall, Martin Place and Castlereagh St and QVB are well known for being home to some of the biggest fashion houses and luxury brands, what often goes unnoticed is the factory outlet stores. Yes we shan't forget about DFO but has anyone ever mentioned to you the Bally Outlet Store in St Peters- it is, correct me if I'm wrong the only outlet store of a major fashion house in Sydney that isn't a licensee of DFO but with the Homebush developments- Sass & Bide, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry and other labels will open up their own outlet stores in DFO.

As a forewarning, do bear in mind that as an outlet store, the range is quite limited from the previous seasons, that said they do have a wide selection of shoes and clothes. So if you're looking to indulge yourself or someone special then perhaps, the Bally Outlet Store may be worth your while and yes everything is on sale- all year round with bigger discounts available at certain times of the year.

 Address: 8 Canal Road St Peters 
Reasons for my visit:
I love shopping, and I love shopping for others so when my mum gave me her handbag challenge I had no idea if I could even meet your requirements.

They were:
  • ideally under $300 
  • leather- the good type and not the artificial or combination that you usually find in most mid-tier shops
  • Colour should be tan/camel/brown or a reddish-brown
  • Long handle or short handle with a strap
  • No bling, no tassels, i.e. minimal everything
  • A certain size and style for a mature aged woman
I have a very picky mother if you can't tell already, but the biggest challenge was the price and whilst I didn't adhere to it strictly (you can tell from below), price is usually of the biggest discriminants when purchasing something. So now that you know that this place exists, I hope I helped someone out whoever you may be. Below are some photos of the bag that I decided on.

 RRP: $595, paid $357 (40%  discount)


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