Lindt Cafe Review

One of the 12 000 people that bought this Groupon, I know that's quite a feat to garner the interest of 12 000 people and their credit card/paypal details.

The Deal: $19 Chocolate Platter for 2 worth $45.50
  • Brownie $5
  • Lindt chocolate cake $5
  • Delice Excellence 70% $3 (macaron)
  • Delice Vanilla $3 (macaron)
  • Three Lindor Balls $3.60
  • Single scoop of ice cream $5.50
  • Dark chocolate shavings $0.15
  • Pot of chocolate sauce $3.50
  • Lindt Swiss Thin $0.25
  • Chantilly Cream $2.50
  • Two ultimate Lindt hot chocolates $14

Aerial shot because they're cool
Up close
I don't think I need to say much, chocolate speaks for itself and when you attach the name Lindt, words cannot do justice to how good it is especially when you combine it with nuts, chocolate sauce, cream and ice-cream
DIY hot chocolate with an additional Lindor ball, as there was a premonition- free Lindor ball with each drink. Simply pour the milk into the mug then chocolate to your liking and stir, drink, enjoy and savour that lovely taste. If you like to have some fun and be artistic then make sure you pour out the foam as well otherwise the chocolate just seeps right through.
 Previously on sale at Woolworths for $3
Strawberry Cheesecake is really good
"Nice to Sweet You"

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