Bondi Pizza Review Take 2

I know that nowadays we all have developed an aversion towards giving out our details because the only thing we are certain to get in return is a inbox flooded by spam emails. Loyalty or VIP programs really aren't what they're cracked up to be (most of the time) because to benefit from them you need to spend money and that's where the problem lies. Alas, I like many others, am reluctant to leave my details liberally to companies however if I were to recommend a loyalty program then Bondi Pizza is one of my picks. The best thing so far about their rewards program is that the pizza that I got (shown below) was completely FREE and your inbox doesn't get spammed. As Coco Chanel once said (and she was a very wise woman for many reasons), the best things in life are first free and secondly expensive. If you want to read about my previous Bondi Pizza experience read here where I took advantage of my $20 off voucher.

Sicilian- Traditional Italian pepperoni, chorizo, Wagu meatballs, Spanish onion, pancetta (bacon), kalamata olives, bocconcini & rocket with a drizzle of chilli oil (NB: Meatballs contain 50% Wagu beef & pork) $24.95

So the deal was for either a free pizza from their selected signature range or their carbonara pasta, and since I wasn't in the mood for something creamy I opted for their Sicilian signature pizza. I personally would have rather more greens rather than just some rocket on top and in a bunch for that matter. I also find that rocket is of those foods that really opposes people you really either like it or hate it, at first my mum was like what is with this weird taste but I think she's acquired an appreciation for rocket which may explain why we happen to have a giant box of rocket in our fridge- not quite on par with Costco/Walmart sizing but it is massive in its own right.

As for the pizza, if we didn't factor in the rocket it would have been really salty, I mean looking at the ingredients and then the photo you can gather that it is like meat paradise, not that I'm complaining, I secretly ordered this because I was craving meat. But it was because it was so salty - the meat and the olives, that made me appreciate the buffalo mozzarella there because unlike most cheeses used in pizzas, it is really light in the sense that it's not a heavy cheese and taste wise it's quite subtly which was good.

Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta- Baby roma tomato, Italian buffalo mozzarella, Spanish onion & basil served on toasted organic ciabatta bread with Italian balsamic glaze $9.95

Okay first of all, excuse my terrible photo. I don't know how it ended up like this but I just want to set the record that it tastes much better than what it looks. I think bruschetta is a great starter, it's healthy, simple, everyone likes it or at least doesn't hate it and usually doesn't hurt your wallet. Beautiful, ripe, juicy tomatoes, great buffalo mozzarella chunks, what more can I ask for?

Oven-baked Banana & Chocolate Pizzette- banana, honeyed ricotta & warm hazelnut chocolate pizzette served with vanilla ice cream & drizzled with warm melted Belgian chocolate $9.95

I saved the best for last! Unfortunately my ice-cream had already started melting by the time I took this photo but that didn't affect how much I loved this dessert. But seriously, one cannot go wrong with chocolate and bananas and the pizzette was a lovely way to tie all the elements together. The pizzette can be described as like sweet dough that looks like lebanese bread but isn't so crumbly as lebanese bread in that it's not as dry. Anyway this was the highlight for me, and I cannot wait for the next Bondi Pizza special to arrive in my inbox, I'm anticipating the next one to be a birthday deal (: So, what to take away from this, if you like me want to benefit from this rewards program then sign up, you won't regret it. 

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