My unapologetic love for lace

Top: Vintage taken from my mother's wardrobe
Skirt: Laura Ashley
Bag: Mulberry Alexa
Shoes: Vintage Bally

Autumn is almost over and that means that the deciduous trees in my garden are shedding if not already shedded. I couldn't help but share the lovely red-orange leaf colour of my persimmon tree (we have a lot of fruit trees at home so I wasn't kidding when I said call me Farmer Song- it kinda has a ring to it). Last weekend was Fashion Weekend Sydney which I will blog about either tomorrow or the day after, I'm so excited to show you some of the great finds that I found and the new labels on my radar. This post is pretty much about what I wore that day, since I had to go to work in the morning, I still kept my corporate/office vibe but added some colour and detail with my vintage lace top. I absolutely love lace, I prefer it when is it done subtly or in really unique way so that's why this post will be the first of three 'My unapologetic love for lace' stories.


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