Courtney's Brassiere at Parramatta Farmer Markets

If I'm not bringing my lunch on Fridays when I'm at work you can pretty much guarantee that I will buying lunch from Coutrney's Brassiere's market stall that is located just opposite Parramatta Town Hall. I have yet to visit their restaurant, also located in Parramatta but it is one of my to visit restaurants- I'm holding out for an occasion so I can indulge myself by feasting on their degustation menu. Their menu, unlike like a lot of places changes just about everyday because they base it off what is seasonaly available and whilst that doesn't give you the certainty it does however keep you curious about what to expect. If you don't think that is the case, then let's just say that I'm a walking example because I always make the effort to stop by their stall to see what is available that day.

Eel Pie with Salad $10

Initially I thought the pie was rather flat and that I wouldn't feel full after eating it but I underestimated the wonders of puff pastry. I've never seen an eel pie before and I guess that was what drew me to buying this for lunch. First of all, I recently bought this so you probably try this tomorrow or in the next few weeks, that said, I can't guarantee anything because their menus are constantly changing. I found the pie actually to be really filling, the eel was so tender (photo above) and flavoursome- it was literally melt in your mouth because that pastry was so light and crispy, no knife action was necessary. Would it be weird if I say that I'm craving this pie at the moment? 

I found the salad on the side to be quite dull since I'm not a fan of parsley and also because it seemed really lacking when paired with the eel pie which I think is a must-try.

Pork Pate en Croute with Pear and Apple Salad $10

My exposure to pates in the past has really been limited to Vietnamese pork rolls, as sad as it is, I don't find pates on the menu often so when I saw this on the menu I knew that I had to give it a go. I really enjoyed the chutney with the pate, it's something sweet that surprising worked so well since the pate is a tad dry so it kind of like moistened it (if that makes sense). I also appreciated this salad a lot more than the one above, maybe it's the ingredients? After all, I am a fan of apple and pears in salads. Finally, I thought the croutons were cut quite big so it was rather dry meaning water on the side is an absolute must.

Breakfast Options are also available for those having to go to work in the morning, if you skipped out on breakfast or feel as though you should have ate more then seriously consider this. I'm not going to nag (though I do mother a lot of people) but heaps of studies have proven that breakfast is super important to get you through the day, I simply buy these because I feel like eating them (sad reason) but you fit under this category please do consider getting something to eat.

Also note that a lot of the sweet treats like their tarts get sold out by lunch so if you think that you'll wait until your lunch hour that may not be possible.

French Toast with caramelised figs $5

I absolutely love French toast, loved it at Three Williams, Circa Parramatta and also at Sydney Mint Cafe. They would be my favourite places to get my french toast fix but that is not to say that I will stick to them exclusively because I am always looking to expand on that list. So when I saw figs, I also love figs amongst many other fruits combined with the price of $5, I knew that I had no way of denying myself French Toast. Note, that it is a part of the breakfast menu so you can't buy it later on in the day. I personally prefer my french toast to be made using brioche but I think they used something like sourdough so I was at first a bit skeptical but whatever was in their batter worked wonders because it is was so fluffy and with a touch of egg. As you can probably tell, icing sugar was sprinkled on top but what you can't see from the picture is the sugar flakes in the toast so when you had a bite of the toast you would also get the sweet crunch of the sugar as well. YUM!
So if you're around Parramatta and you see this written on their chalkboard menu, don't hesitate to buy it.

Almond Jam and Fig Bakewell Tart $3

When you see the word 'tart', you should be judging the shortbread pastry the most. The first good sign was the golden colour, that usually means that its been fully cooked and when I took a bite the butter made me  momentarily forget about its implications for my waistline.  I would have liked for more jam because it was predominantly butter and I felt that a layer of almonds and jam were not enough to balance it.


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