Gold is back, it just ain't rosey

Impromptu photo
Watch: Triwa Black and Gold Chrono (limited edition)
Pants: Cameo Hybrid Pants (they came in the mail today so I just had to wear them)
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

So this week the Triwa watch that I ordered came, and I was so excited upon receiving it. I don't think I will retire my Michael Kors rose gold watch just yet but it was getting heavy and I see too many rose gold watches around nowadays so I wanted a change. Gold is undisputedly classic, its advantage over rose gold is that it can be worn with silver accessories whereas rose gold just clashes with it. Initially I was really surprised with this watch because the seconds hand isn't really a second hands but rather the seconds timer for the stopwatch. And what you thought was the stopwatch second timer is actually your second hand (see the smaller bottom circle).... If that was all too confusing then put simply, what I meant to say is that your expectations about the seconds hand is reverse. Maybe this will take some getting used to but I rarely rely on the seconds hand so I'm not complaining. 

As a tip for anyone who has bought or is going to buy a Triwa watch and is having difficulty with crown that is used to adjust the time/date, Triwa again works a bit differently. You need to first turn the crown anti-clockwise (i.e. towards you) and then you can pull out the crown to adjust the time and date. So just some preliminary photos from me today but because this shall be my new staple watch, you will see it around more in my outfit posts.


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