Free Food: Original Meatball Company

I'm not to going to use this post as a chance to crack some 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs' joke especially since I am far from being a movie buff (dramas are more my forte) but this is one of the lazy Tuesday-ers. So this coming Tuesday, 2 July, Original Meatball Company is opening on York Street, Sydney and to open in style lunch is on them. The catch? Yes there is one, you need to download their app on the day of the launch. Choices available include their meatball heroes (meatballs on a bun) or an OMC Salad Bowl (Meatballs with greens). All meals also come with fries and drinks. So with that said I hope I made someone's day today and for the fortunate few who will be in the city that day, you guys are so lucky. Unfortunately I work on Tuesdays so going to the city will be next to impossible.

Disclaimer: Details taken from TimeOut

Shop 3
56 -58 York St
Sydney 2000
Date Tue 01 Jul
Open 11am - 3pm


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