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So yesterday was my birthday but celebrations are not in order because I am knee deep in trouble- I keep on yapping about my exams and I still will (sorry guys) because I am so unprepared. Taking a break from it all, I did however allow myself to visit the popup bar called The Grindhouse which features Mr Black Spirits. Big shout out to The Sound Campaign team for the invite and if you love your coffee and your booze then be sure to visit Nixon Project, Surry Hills this weekend.

When: 12-14 June, 6pm- late
Where: 35 Foster St, Surry Hills

Hard Iced Cofee- Mr Black, Milk, Appletom Rum
I have to say it was the serve in a 'pretentious Mason jar' option that instantly drew me to this drink. Some of you may be sick of Mason jars, no doubt I am slightly as well but I do think that this trend will continue to stay for some time as it continues to dominate the instagram sphere. I feel that alcohol preferences really differ from person to person so keep this in perspective, what I like may be totally different from your drinking preferences. So I love ice-coffee but to me it seemed like the Mr Black coffee liqueur was drowned by the dash of rum. And now I'm thinking of those horrible memories last year when I decided to buy a tub of Sara Lee rum and raisin ice-cream (worst decision ever). My tip, ditch the rum and enjoy Mr Black Spirits in its entirety by preparing this drink in its most basic form.

Recipe: Mr Black's Hard Iced Coffe
60ml Mr Black
120ml Fresh skim dairy milk

Measure all ingredients into a cocktail shaker full of quality, fresh ice. Shake lightly and strain into ice filled glass or pretentious Mason jar. Make this bad body navy strength with a 10ml dash of your favourite dark rum.

Pretentious Mason Jars for the Surry Hills elitists!

Made to order

Espresso Martini- Mr Black, Aylesbury Duck Vodka, Espresso, Maple Syrup

I am so glad that I finished the night off with this because this was heavenly. I would gladly sip this all night long like I don't have a care in the world but sadly reality kicks in and we realise the existence of horrid things like exams. I'm usually not a vodka person, but I do accept that it is widely enjoyed by my peers, but that said, perhaps I may be converting if I continue to get drinks as good as this. For the coffee aficionados out there, this has you written all over it, combining the perfect kick of coffee with the elegance of a martini and the pleasure of vodka. 

Recipe: Espresso Martini
The Vodka Red Bull for people who don't drink Red Bull
45ml Mr Black
30ml Vodka (or gin, rum or tequila,. This beg tastes top shelf with many spirits from the back bar)

Measure all ingredients into a cocktail shaker full of fresh ice. Shake vigoriously until think foam develops. Strain into chilled glass. Drink often (ABSOLUTELY).

Final words...
If you're busy this Sunday, don't fret because Mr Black Spirits is widely available in liqueur stores like Dan Murphy's. For those of you looking to taste, and learn, a good starting point is Dan Murphy's  Double Bay store- it was recently renovated and the end result is amazing.  


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