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Sorry for my absence these past few days, I really needed to take a bit of a break because one, I am going to epically fail my upcoming uni exams and two, I was emotionally exhausted after the second week of Roland Garros (French Open). For those who know me well, I absolutely love my tennis which pretty much sums up why I am willingly go to sleep at 2 in the morning for 5 consecutive days, getting thereabouts 6 hours of sleep a day compared to my usual 8-9 hours. It was so emotionally taxing streaming the live scores (I hate commentary) and whilst the Sharapova fan in me was happy, the Djokovic fan in me was left wishing for a different outcome. I love them both, so at the end of the day I'm still extremely proud of the two and perhaps one day I'll do a post on Sugarpova because I have lots of it today. 

So basically the point of this post was for me to talk a bit about my eating habits, I always live by two mottos, 'Live without regrets' and 'Live well, eat well', it is because of this that I never really second guess myself when it comes to buying really good food or treating my friends to really good food either because at the end of the day you really are what you eat. Hence, why I rarely eat fast food. It doesn't help that my mother is also a bit of a health fanatic which explains why we aren't your typical Chinese household in that our meals have a lot of different influences. So all in all, this is just a peek into my kitchen pantry and those supposed super foods that have become a regular household item.

L to R: Buckwheat, Quinoa (red and black which are more nutritious than white quinoa) and pink Himalayan Salt.
One of the reasons why I've adopted buckwheat and quinoa is because it has no gluten what so ever, which kinda means that I'm trialling a no-gluten diet (but failing at it). Pink salt is also the most purest form of salt you can get, it is completely unprocessed which makes it easily absorbed in your body. Sure it has a pretty pink tinge to it but with the price that you pay for it, that aesthetic factor cannot justify the price only the benefits can. If you're curious, just google it. 

I hope this doesn't come across as pretentious but the only milk I drink at home is now rice milk, not that I don't drink normal milk, I have no problem with it in coffee and baking but since I was young I never really like milk. Maybe that is why I'm so short, I say not but who knows, the fact is I don't like milk. It doesn't help when the permeate free milk sold in supermarkets tastes nothing like the milk that I remembered drinking when I was young. Rice milk, on the other hand for some strange reason tastes really nice to me which is why I keep on buying it but again like the ingredients above, they do cost more than your normal bottle of milk. 

Salt lamp also with its medicinal benefits. Just google it.

I must confess that I am adult that still needs a night light.
^The above is absolutely false, it took me forever to sleep with this light on and as you can see from the clock, I wasn't lying when I said that I have been going to sleep late for the past few nights.

My mum bought this and the salt lamp spontaneously at Fairfield Markets.

Links to get you started on your healthy eating journey should you choose to follow in my footsteps: --> Decent prices for these goods with decently price shipping as well
Honest to Goodness --> We got ours from their shop in Alexandria but they also hold markets at Leichhardt so if it is not out of the way go to their physical shop instead, you'll save on delivery and the prices are also cheaper and you can measure out what you want. 


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