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Now this is a sight!

I have to say that out of all the places that I've been to, perhaps this is the closest I've come to finding a place that really embodies the words 'Gourmet' and 'Couture'- the meaning of the word 'gourmet' shouldn't be too hard to ascertain but rarely do you consider couture being linked with food. The fact that you get to customise your own stix, gives it, in my mind, the couture edge and so this place certainly has my approval. Taking away the 'haute' in 'haute couture' may leave you feeling puzzled but when you can get couture products with the 'high' price tag, doesn't that make everyone blissful?

Food porn right here. If anything these 'paddle pop' gelato are a feast for the eyes.  

It has taken me a while to get used to that phrase to describe food but I guess I am growing to accept it more and more each day along with some of the other commonly used hash tags that grace food pictures on Instagram. I would have to say that my favourite would have to be '#getinmybelly', which pretty much summarises how I feel looking at these pictures. I don't know about you but upon seeing them, I can't help but just want to enlist myself as a taste tester for the good of humanity and my stomach as well.

^ Instructions

Step 1: Choose it
Picking a flavour would have to be the hardest part because that then determines how you will go about choosing step 2 and 3. Fret not, I was serviced by the helpful Raymond, and if you're fortunate to see him when you guys are there, you should be counting your stars. Although, he may or may not make your life all the more difficult by giving you open reign when it comes to having testers.

Step 2: Dunk it
Choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate or coffee

This is the part where I'm going to illicit a lot of jaw drops, hair pulling and any action really that attaches to shock unless you concur with me. So for those who have followed my blog for a while or know my eating habits well, this shouldn't be too much of a shock but for those who don't, this will be news to you- I am not a fan of chocolate. Let me rephrase that I don't mind chocolate just not on and with everything dessert affiliated. I go through this cycle actually of craving chocolate before I stay away from it for a few months and then go back to craving it. So with that out there you can imagine how conflicted I was with wanting to choose a fruity gelato versus imagining its pairing with a chocolate or coffee coating. I mean I would love to have it on its own but then where is the fun in that, or the novelty factor. I hope that when I come back here for a take 2, I won't have to face this dilemma. 

Step 3: Top it
This one is straight forward, toppings do rotate so check in store because the photo below will become outdated in a while. 

To the Stix Desserts team give more nut options please~

If you are thinking that these steps sound oddly familiar then perhaps you are thinking of that Magnum Pop Store in Westfield Sydney last year. I'm still not sure if I regret not going, on the one side it was a chance to have a custom Magnum, on the other side, I rarely eat Magnums and I don't want to pay $7 for it when I can buy a whole box in the supermarket for the same price. So if you were thinking along the same lines as me, then I guess Stix Desserts is perfect for us.

Mine- Hazelnut gelato, coffee coating + drizzle with coconut topping $4.50
My friend- Pomegranate gelato, coffee coating, Tim Tam topping $4.50 (let's not judge her flavour combination okay)

Call on the taste?
Everything I thought it would be, hazelnut is one of my staple flavours so I had no hesitation in choosing it and knowing that I wouldn't regret its pairing with coffee. The coconut gave it texture and despite coconut being such a dominant flavour in itself, I enjoyed it all together. Perhaps next time I'll go for something more daring especially since I'm eyeing this gelato flavour which is like a chai latte.  

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  1. i just went today and loved the salted caramel!!

    1. thanks for the recommendation, might try that next time i go (:

  2. Going next week, can't wait!

    1. Hope you enjoy! Also, loving your blog name

  3. interesting concept here! going to check it out soon!



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