Grill'd Slider Review

L to R:  Chicken with Asian Slaw and Roasted Peanuts, Beef with Pomegranate and Mild Wasabi Slaw, Beef with Cheese, Mustard and Pickle $10

Because I believe that good things come in trios rather than three's a crowd, you'll have to bear with me. So a while back now, I found out that Grill'd were introducing sliders to their menu and had a promotional offer where you could get 3 for $10. A few months later (yes this post is horridly late, don't mention it), you should now be accustomed to its RRP: 3 for $15 or 2 for $12. 

I think it's a great idea especially for those of us that just want a bite at Grill'd without forcing ourselves to down a whole burger. After having the 3 sliders, I was quite full though that said if you're looking for a feed for 1, I'd say stick to their normal menu. If, however you're out with friends then a slider may be a potential option because you can buy 3 and share them. 

Some quick thoughts:
Beef burger > Chicken burger
I have yet to be disproven but I am still a voucher of beef over chicken burgers. Like the typical Grill'd experience prepare to make a mess. If you have had the pleasure of going out to eat burgers with me then I am actually a really clean burger eater. My tip, if you are going to get a normal Grill'd burger ask them to cut it in half for you or now that they have knives on the table, cut it in half yourself though it is better if the staff do it for you. Ditch the full hands on experience of eating a burger if you don't want to make a mess otherwise, no shame, eat a burger the way it was intended.

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  1. Might have to give this place a try. Those sliders look super yummy!

    1. They are quite nice and very different from the usual menu.



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