My unapologetic love for lace- Part Deux

Dress: Keepsake the label Young Forever Lace Dress
Vest: Vintage
Bag: Le Pelican
Hat: bought off Ebay
Boots: Some Chinese brand

Second Post of my 'My unapologetic love for lace' chapter, other one here. If there was one thing that I learnt or affirmed after going to Fashion Weekend, it is that faux fur is in and definitely here to stay. Prior to going, I shot these photos (DIY of course) where I whipped out my mother's faux fur vest and paired it with one of my lace dresses. There are so many ways lace can be incorporated into a outfit each with their own connotations and one of the labels that really captures this is Lover the label. I'm yet to own a piece from them but I certainly hope I will... one day. 

Love it or hate it but it was the train that ultimately convinced me into buying this Keepsake dress. As for why I like it, it's something hard to describe (I'll try anyways), maybe it is because I don't like showing too much skin and consider myself conservative so the lace train is like being feminine yet still reserved because without it the dress would seem and will be significantly shorter.

But of course, fashion and beauty really is in the eye of the beholder so let me know your thoughts.      


  1. My thoughts...
    Loving the colour combo hehe!

    PS. A girl can never have enough black dresses ;D

    1. Thank you Sweet! Truly an honour coming from the girl with a closet of black dresses



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