Marrickville pork roll- Dubbed the best in Sydney

Marrickville has been hailed as being home to the best pork roll in Sydney, so I went all the way out to Marrickville just to find out for myself.

Okay, so the above isn't necessarily true, I was actually there because I wanted to see the Round She Goes Market for myself but sadly I'm tiny so I rarely find stuff that fits me without being altered in some way. Since, I was already in Marrickville it goes without saying that I should also enjoy their food scene and strong Vietnamese presence. I had to decide between going to Cornersmith which recently won an award for being one of the best new cafes and the humble pork roll. As you can see the humble pork roll won that battle, one because I had to rush back home to work on an assignment, two it was cheaper and three there was a waiting list at Cornersmith.

 For the first time in my life I lined up for a pork roll. I remember seeing this happen elsewhere at Hurstville as well but other than that lines aren't common unless its peak lunch time. If you're hoping to skip the queue and think that you should just come back later, don't bother, I thought that too but I was mistaken. Attention People: this line never gets any shorter so just line up!

So many ingredients, you know a pork roll joint is amazing just by their ingredients and the sheer quantity they have outside because the busy places always have everything fresh since they go through it all quickly.

Standard pork roll $4.50

So I went for the standard pork roll, can't wait to go back to be more adventurous because they have so many combinations that I want to try for myself. So the above photo is the only one you're going to get, if you read what I wrote above then you would know that I was in a hurry so it wouldn't have been practical to take it out of its bag for you to see.

Sorry but Convenience + Stomach needs > Camera
This is one of the few times that my camera is second priority.

Quick Snapshot:

So what makes this pork roll different from every other joint out there, not to mention the other stores in the same suburb let alone street? Well first of all, pork roll by default have the same ingredients otherwise they wouldn't be called a pork roll so one of the best ways a pork roll can be distinguished is based on their sauce and pork pâté. For me, I absolutely loved their pâté, it would if you may, be their fingerprint- something unique only to this store. On the flip this particular store uses pickled radish in their pork roll, I actually like pickled food especially radish in kimbap but I didn't feel like it matched the flavours of a pork roll. My tip, ditch the radish, they are pretty generous with their vegetable servings so you won't have reason to complain.

Since I'm currently having some difficulty describing this one I'm going to cut it a bit short, flavour wise I found the sauce a bit too overpowering maybe this is just a personal thing because I'm not really a salt person but I shall emphasise their pâté once more because that is the biggest reason why I'm going to come back. I'm not usually a vegetarian friendly person though I do go vegetarian quite often, at least not on my blog, but there is a vegetarian option for those interested.

Overall, I would hesitate to say that this is the best pork roll that I've ever tasted but it certainly lived up to its reputation of being a memorable pork roll, one that beckons you to come back for more. Perhaps, after a few more trips and tastings at other places, I might commit myself to the best pork roll in Sydney title.

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