Baroque Macarons + La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie Review

If you haven't heard of Baroque or La Renaissance then you are missing out on so much; settled neatly in the picturesque suburb, The Rocks, Baroque Bistro is a French restaurant with a patissiere division- La Renaissance. Macarons are available for purchase at both shops however large cakes are only available at La Renaissance.

Last week I made the trip to The Rocks to buy one of two cakes for my 18th birthday party.

 Located right next to Guylian Chocolate Cafe

Takeaway box for 5

 Macarons were $2.70 each takeaway or $3 dine-in and after having Ladurée macarons, no price tag can ever phase me again. 
 From the left: Jasmine- White chocolate ganache infused with jasmine tea, Pistachio & Sour Cherry- Pistachio and cinnamon white chocolate ganache with a sour cherry centre, Lime, Mango & Coconut, Salted Caramel- caramel with Fleur de Sel (pure sea salt from Britanny, France), and Blackcurrant- Cassis flavoured white chocolate ganache and cassis fruit paste. 

Remember how I raved about Ladurée's salted caramel macaron? Whilst I still stand by that, I think that I have been won over by Baroque's macarons (and their price)- they truly deserve the title of Sydney's best macaroons. With Ladurée, a lot of the macarons that I bought had cracked shells whereas Baroque's were still intact. I absolutely loved the Jasmine- the infused tea flavor was present but not detract away from the white chocolate ganache, and the lime, mango and coconut macaron had excellent flavor combination; you first get that kick of lime and coconut before you start searching for the mango (it’s there, you just have to look for it)

 Larme de Gaugin Large $52 (serves approx 10) 
Exotic tear-drop shaped cake; light creamy mixed 
berry mousse, encased in a decorative almond sponge (joconde*), and topped with glazed mixed berries
*Joconde: A mixture of eggs, ground almonds, icing sugar
and a little flour, made into sponge like sheets
 One of my friends had a La Renaissance cake for her 18th as well, and on both occasions we were not disappointed. The acidity of the berry mousse worked so well with the joconde. Whilst I do have a sweet tooth, at times overbearing sweetness tends to overpower and detract from the cake but not with this one, the light berry mousse provided a subtle kick of sugary goodness to balance the slight tartness. The glazing, or thin layer of jelly added another dimension to the cake making this cake a real pleasure to eat!

Loved the seasonal fruits just wished there were more and who can tell me what that yellow fruit is because when I ate it, it tasted like those popping ball you get when you buy frozen yogurt.
My second cake was from Pishon Patissiere and Cake Cafe- Mocha Chiffon Cake with cream (Large $38)

It took me a while to decide which place to link back to Urbanspoon but since I bought everything from La Renaissance it is only fitting that Urbanspoon information is also for La Renaissance.

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