Garfish Kirribilli Review

This post is a bit late but a while ago before I went to the CNBLUE concert, I had an early dinner at Garfish namely because I was dying to eat their Belgian waffles after reading raving reviews about them. The only problem was that time was not on my side, fortunately they had an afternoon menu however they could not accommodate for Belgian waffles on that particular and consequently I was a tad bit disappointed although that was the only critique that I can say.

 Beer battered fish and chips with tartare and lemon $25.50
Garfish's seafood is spectacular, the fish tasted so fresh and was literally melt in your mouth although it was battered a bit too much for my liking. Together with the beer cut chips, I was one satisfied Boice!
 Salt 'n' Pepper Squid with lime and chilli jam $16
First off, I found the serving to be very minimal but I won't complain any further because it was divine. In fact, I would say that together with their fish and chips, Garfish's salt and pepper squid may be the best that I've had (yeah it was that good). Although the placement of the salt was rather peculiar and the chilli jam was needed by neither myself nor my friend, as the acid from the lime balance it well enough.

 The outdoor dining was lovely, perfect for an intimate dining experience. Garfish, I will be sure to visit you again and when I do please do serve me your signature Belgian waffles

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