Chur Burger Review

Visited another hipster joint and this time I looked the part.... haha there is so much that I can draw from this when you consider it from a Belonging perspective but I won't brood on that matter.

To get to Chur, simply use the Elizabeth St exit at Central and then walk for around 5-10 minutes depending on the traffic lights. At first my friend and I were at bit puzzled because there were 4 chefs already at work in the open kitchen and then BAM suddenly there was a long queue for orders for both eat-in and takeaway (that's why you need 4 chefs plus lots of waitstaff). So if you decide to go to Chur get there early they usually open at 11:30 a.m. (see website of course for exact details) and thankfully we go there around just before noon so we could grab our own table. Another thing to note is that Chur is more for the casual catchup nothing intimate because of all the seats get taken fast, plus there's a fast turnover so expect noise and lots of it. although you do get the novelty of sitting on a barrel <-- that's cool.

Crumbed Fish Filled, pickled cucumbers, lemon mayo, dill $10
I think you're a terrible decider of food there is nothing on this menu that isn't worth trying. The lovely crumbed fish fillet just works wonders when eaten together with the tanginess from the pickled cucumber and the mayo and finishing it all off is the warm, soft bun.

Sweet potato fries $5
I love my sweet potatoes or Goguma in Korean so it's not surprising that it was an absolute must for me to order the Sweet potato fries when I spotted it on the menu. The fries were a tad bit too salty for my liking but I have always said that the best fries need no salt but I expect to be the only one of this opinion so I won't complain any further. All in all they were so good and healthy (:
Chips with chilli salt $5
LOVE THEM!!!!  I would go back just for the chips but there's no way I could pass their burgers. For anyone with a strong aversion to chilli, there is hardly any chilli in these chips, in fact I did not taste it all. 
Grilled lamb, mint sauce, feta, red onion, aioli $10
The lamb patty was a bit burnt and I'm paranoid over anything burnt or carcinogenic so I was a bit frightened when I saw the edges of the bun and the patty but I got over that as soon as I tucked into my burger. When it came out it seemed quite small when I was comparing to other burgers that I've had but  the burger on its own minus the sides was already filling so don't judge a book by its cover guys. Whilst this little bad boy may seem miniature in stature it's enough to quench the hunger of many grown men.  
Dressing the part

I'm sure all the Masterchef fans would get this sign

Eating at the park opposite Gelato Messina and turns out the locals do it as well.
500ml take home tub $9, chocolate fondant, apple pie and passionfruit sorbet. Chocolate fondant was better than expected, lovely rich, dark chocolate but it was so light, apple pie was a tad too sweet and to be honest I prefer Gelatissimo's version instead and finally you cannot go wrong with passionfruit.

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