Metro St James Review

Metro is located above St James station overlooking Hyde Park, I was so excited to see the previously abandoned and historic building being used again, it's such a good location. From my experiences eating at Sydney Mint Cafe and Hyde Park Barracks I have decided that I love dining in aged yet restored buildings, it just has a different ambience and atmosphere, maybe because it just exudes history. 

On another note, who went to Metro during the month of June because they were running a promotion where you receive a free coffee when you kiss your significant other.
 The Menu, although for the peculiar me, I would love an all day breakfast menu

 Braised Short Ribs, mushrooms, eshallot & ham $26 
Highlight- Silky smooth and creamy mash down with succulent and tender ribs. 
Downside- Most components of the dish were way too salty
 Wagyu beef burger, tomato, onion, iceberg, aioli, cheese & fries $20
Juicy wagyu beef patty, with a smaller than anticipated bun, fries were unanimously compared to those served by McDonald but significantly less oily but fret not the distinct was still there. 
Spaghetti, crab, fennel & tomato sugo $24
Not sure if you've watched My Kitchen Rules but I did have a 'Jake' moment where I felt like saying "Hello, crab where are you?".  It would've been nice if I had more crab and for me, on top of that, the tomato sugo lacked the rich, flavours that were needed to lift the spaghetti fro just being mildly red in colour. 

Overall, a modestly priced menu with a few faults. My suggestions would be to improve their service, because whilst the waitress was lovely and helpful it took a while before we were seated and we had to wait again to order.

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