Scari Berri

Scari Berri is a frozen yogurt store at Bondi Beach, on Groupon they had a promotion similar to that of Noggi where you spend $5 to receive the equivalent of $10. I ordered a teapot of Green Tea- Jasmine Marigold Globe Armaranth however the tea was far too weak for my liking although I did enjoy the novelty of watching the tea bloom. Also, now that my friends got me a clear tea pot set I can hold high teas in the near future after a string of trial and error attempts at petit fours and macarons though.

 Normal Price: Teapot $8 and Melting moments cookie $4

Second used Groupon of the day at Movenpick, same deal as the first time. I think I have tried every flavour that I've wanted to try now. If anyone from Movenpick sees this, you guys should seriously consider me as a brand ambassador.



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