Movenpick Darling Harbour Review

Words of wisdom as quote by Bitter or myself, "Ice-cream is best enjoyed in Winter". I continue to stand by that, because in Winter you can savour and actually appreciate the taste of ice-cream whereas in Summer you find it as a means of escapism from the relentless heat.

After exams last Friday, I took some of my uni friends out to Movenpick in Darling Harbour because you know I love a good Groupon that allows you to enjoy 50% deal and this time the T&C was for desserts and that included waffles! Despite having my own waffle machine, at times you just cannot compare to Belgian waffles made fresh in-store, however after going to the Movenpick store in Bondi Beach I would have to say that next time I would rather go the extra mile because my experience there was so much better.

First, the waffles was a bit disappointing-they lacked that crunch that I was looking for as I ate mouthful after mouthful. The servings as well varied significantly in this store, with much smaller scoops. So, all-in-all, whilst I loved the ice-cream, I don't think that their waffles met my expectations and the seating was also limited and not lit up at all.

 Chocolate waffle with Stracciatella and Swiss chocolate ice-cream
Panna cotta, Pistachio, Tiramisu, Blackcurrant and cream, Creme brûlée and maple walnut ice-cream. It was first time trying Movenpick's Pistachio ice-cream and I find that usually with a flavour such as pistachio it is either a bullseye or a complete miss, for me it was the latter as it tasted more along the lines of cough medicine. 

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