Circa Parramatta Review

To think that I have lived in the Parramatta district for over a decade and I only just recently found out about this quaint yet obscure hipster cafe that reminded me of my trip to Vargarbar Espresso. I had to walk past this place twice before I confirmed that it was the right cafe but after seeing the people lining up for seats and coffee it became obvious that the shop wedged in between two office terraces was called Circa.

The exterior, for future reference and those who may experience difficulties finding it. 
Warning this place is very narrow, with the baristas and waiters/resses moving back and forth 
Killing two birds with the one stone, now you can see the fans and the mirror

Okay onto the important part:
I ordered a latte and french toast <-- this isn't on the menu but rather a special so if you are dying for some french toast then just ask!

Coffee lovely, I could understand why so many people would make the trek to the quieter side of Parramatta. In regards to the french toast, overall I was one satisfied customer and that was purely because of the toast itself. Just look at the picture below and see how thick that lovely piece of toast is and what made me super happy was that it was buttered with a healthy dose of cinnamon- it was so good that it made me forget about my diet (cough cough what diet, please that is non-existent). It was served with some crushed pistachios, a rhubarb compote and labne which is just a fancy name for Greek yogurt, tasted at first like sour cream, for me this seemed like a poor choice to add to the toast. Can you imagine eating french toast with greek yogurt? Maple syrup or cream is more believable and a fair choice for most tastebuds, all-in-all it had no harmony with the other components.

French toast with labne, rhubarb compote and pistachio $14
Second time that I've used wooden cutlery, the first being at Wowcow but eating off wasn't too unpleasant

To read about my second experience at Circa click here

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