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I don't frequent The Strand much that's about to change. I really want to try the cafes there, they have a lot of business so that can only mean good food and coffee. I think it's quite unfortunate that Sweet Infinity has been slammed by many other reviews on Urbanspoon- based on my own experience the service wasn't that bad. Of course you should remember that most of the reviewers came in only because of coupons.

 I don't know why but the macarons here remind me of Mak Mak macarons, I wonder if they bought them off Mak Mak for $2.50 only to be resold at $3.50 yes that's right the big sized macarons are $3.50 that's 20c dearer than LadurĂ©e that's is located just across the road from The Strand. I think they'd better rethink their pricing if they're at all concerned about the longevity of their business.
 Chicken, Mushroom and white wine pie $6
One word, disappointment. I had another MKR 'Jake moment'; in fact I'm going to coin that phrase whenever a place tries to shortchange a customer but only providing core ingredients in meagre quantities. In my case it was the chicken, I swear out of the whole pie, I only got like 3 bites of chicken breasts and they were tiny as well, I mean if they had compensated with more mushroom then that would of placated me but no, there were barely any mushrooms as well only sauce. That said, the pastry was lovely but you can't expect someone to be satisfied when they pay $6 for a reasonably small pie with barely any stuffing.
Apple Crumble $6
I quite liked it, I still haven't perfected my own shortcrust pastry so I admire anyone who can pull it off especially since it wasn't too buttery so it was ideal for my palate. Although it wasn't much of a crumble or do I have the wrong image/definition of what an apple crumble should be like?
Let me know your thoughts.

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